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Male Infertility: Planning Ahead to Improve Your Chances

In our country when couples fail to have children, family and friends often blame the woman and call her various names. But infertility of couples could also come from the male counterpart. Even men could be ‘infertile’. When a man fails to impregnate a fertile woman, he is said to suffer from male infertility. As […]...


Shock Wave Therapy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction: Does it Work?

Erectile Dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction that 3 out of 10 men suffer from. When a man is unable to penetrate a woman due to weak erections or inability to retain erection or have an erection at all, he is probably suffering from ED or Erectile Dysfunction. Since erection & penetration are crucial to […]...

Cupping therapy near me
cupping therapy

Cupping Clinic – Sciatic nerve problem is it getting on your nerves?

Sciatica is a painful condition that is unfortunately quite common especially among people who are middle-aged or are quite advanced in age. When the sciatica nerve gets impinged due to a lumbar Osteophyte or a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, what you experience is burning sensation, tingling feel and numbness along the sciatic nerve’s pathway. […]...

What to avoid in the kitchen for your Arthritis

What to avoid in the kitchen for your Arthritis?

Inflammation or joints pain triggers arthritis. Joint pains are associated from various factors including hereditary, impact of infections, misled immune system. Taking medications, active lifestyle and avoiding injury will help prevent inflammation. But certain foods we eat, suppress or foster inflammation. By making sure to add anti-inflammatory foods like leafy greens and certain colorful vegetables, […]...


What is Infertility? Its Causes, Treatment and Side-Effects

Fertility is an ability to produce offspring and the inability to produce is called infertility. Incompetency can have in both men and women. When a woman is not conceiving for a year after having unprotected sex without the use of birth control then the situation is called infertility and it needs medical treatment. You need […]...


What is Sexual Dysfunction? Its symptom, Cause and Treatment

Sexual dysfunction is a problem occurs during sex that reduces the satisfaction from sexual activities. It includes erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, low sex drive, vaginal dryness, and painful intercourse. erectile dysfunction(ED)is the inability to get or maintain erection enough for sexual intercourse or sex. Sometimes it is called as impotence. It can cause dissatisfaction in […]...

Why You Should Visit a Sexologist

Why You Should Visit a Sexologist? – Roy Doctor

The occurrence of problems in a relationship is common and the problems sometimes can relate to physical intimacy. Psychological issues, fatigue, desolation, stress and hectic life can be a reason for sex problems also some temporary causes are like pregnancy and breastfeeding. There can be many misunderstandings between partners and life gets disturbed all just […]...

Sex During Pregnancy: Its Safe or Not?
Female Sexologist Doctor

Sex During Pregnancy: Its Safe or Not?

Safe sex is recommended for a healthy and happy relationship, but during pregnancy couple’s way of thinking get changed about sex. If you are planning for a baby, then it’s good to know how you should go. To consult sex specialist doctor for getting details about sexual activeness to conceive, sex during pregnancy and sex […]...

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