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Cupping Clinic – Sciatic nerve problem is it getting on your nerves?

Sciatica is a painful condition that is unfortunately quite common especially among people who are middle-aged or are quite advanced in age. When the sciatica nerve gets impinged due to a lumbar Osteophyte or a herniated disc or spinal stenosis, what you experience is burning sensation, tingling feel and numbness along the sciatic nerve’s pathway.

Patients plagued by sciatica problem will feel a lot of pain & discomfort when standing for a long time or doing jobs that require lots of bending. Also, the pain worsens in the nighttime and interferes with a patient’s sleep quality.

Think alternative & choose cupping

If you are one such patient who has been suffering from sciatica nerve pain since many years and has tried out almost all types of conventional treatments like cortisone injections, muscle relaxants etc, you should stop and think different now. Cupping technique is an alternative treatment modality that took its birth in China. Ge Hong, a renowned Chinese herbalist is said to have founded the cupping therapy.

Today Cupping is used in many clinics countrywide to bring about pain relief for patients suffering from various types of acute and chronic pain conditions. One such clinic is Roy Health & Specialty Clinic in Bangalore. The clinic stands out as the provider of the best cupping therapy in Bangalore.

What is cupping therapy?

Cupping is a therapy that involves fixing of small, rounded cups on the skin to create a temporary suction zone in the problem area of the body. These days glass cups are used for offering cupping therapy. In the ancient times, animal horn cups were used for cupping which later was replaced by bamboo cups and then ceramic cups. The cups were heated up prior to being placed on the skin. Once the cups cooled down by releasing heat the cups pulled the skin within to develop a suction zone. Cupping therapy is administered to patients by practitioners who are specialized in this genre of alternative healing.

How does cupping bring Sciatica Pain Relief?

For sufferers of Sciatica nerve pain, cupping holds a lot of promise. The suction zone created by attached cups can stimulate blood flow to the problem areas, alleviate blood stagnancy issues and remove blockages in the lymphatic system too. Thus, the pace of blood as well as lymph circulation improves with cupping therapy. Boosted circulations of lymph and blood help in bringing about pain relief for the sufferers of Sciatica and other painful conditions.

If you wish to manage your sciatica pain better, you could consider opting for effective cupping therapy. Doctors at Roy Health & Specialty Clinic Bangalore can bring you respite from sciatica pain and improve the quality of your life.

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