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Difficulty to get intimate? Contact certified sexologist

Sexology is the study of sexuality. There are a number of different terms used to describe sex therapy and what it means to be a sex therapist.

A sex therapist is one who provides sex therapies. Sexology is the study of human sexuality. Sexology is a subject that has many sub-disciplines.

The study of sexuality has to do with the human body, sexuality in general, the human mind, emotions, and their relationship to your physical and emotional health.

A sexologists in Bangalore can help you in many aspects of your intimate life.

This type of professional deals with studying human sexuality and carries out sexual education, information, and orientation tasks, as well as counseling and intervention in the face of problems that may arise when having satisfactory sexual relations.

When do you need to see this specialist?

Above all, you should not be ashamed to ask a sexologist for help. It is necessary to break taboos regarding couples or individual therapy in this type of situation because receiving or asking for help from someone who really knows something is nothing to feel ashamed of, quite the contrary.

The training of these experts is normally carried out through a postgraduate master’s degree in Sexology.

When is it advisable to consult a specialist?

Sexual issues are a very sensitive issue and not everyone is encouraged to open sexual intimacy.

There comes a time in the life of a couple when the situation overwhelms both of them and they can no longer support it. In these cases, many consult late when these complexes already affect other areas of life.

How to realize that you need to consult an expert?

The right time to consult is as soon as a difficulty is perceived. You need to consult a specialist as soon as possible when symptoms begin to be detected that are not related to a real illness but are evidenced by stress, reluctance or difficulty in meeting.

Should I go alone or as a couple?

The ideal is to consult as a couple unless the person with the difficulty is single.

When you are in a couple, it is convenient that both attend. In this way, the objective is achieved more quickly since all the conditions that may be disturbing the success of the treatment are evaluated.

Another variable is that one of the two takes the initiative and attends the therapy even if the other person rejects this measure.

In general, couples get stuck and it is common that at some point one of the two consults without the other knowing because they cannot continue coping with the situation.

In these situations, the professional must decide how to summon the couple to treatment and evaluate this fact since it is most likely an indicator of a possible boycott of the relationship.

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