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Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Preventive Measures

Erectile dysfunction is a common condition and has a cure provided you consult the expert at the earliest and identify the root cause of the problem.

The word erectile dysfunction is a great taboo and can have quite an impact on a person’s sexual and intimate life.

When one is unable to hold their penis erect for a long period of time due to certain reasons, this condition may be referred to as erectile dysfunction.

Many men are faced with a problem such as this or have difficulties performing normal sexual activities due to the same reason.

For a man, this can be quite a disappointment and may affect their confidence a great deal. This can also cause a rift between couples and may lead to a strained relationship.

The condition can be due to various reasons and it is essential to address it once it is identified. Many men witness erectile dysfunction at some point if time and consultation with a sexologist is a must.

At times certain individuals may lose sexual drive and erection prematurely during sexual activity with their partner and this is certainly a cause of concern.

If this is a regular occurrence then it definitely demands the attention of a trained sexologist without any delay.

Here we would like to tell you that erectile dysfunction could also be related to age and is seen as common in many men above 40. Though it cannot be said conclusively

Almost 50% of men who are between the age of  40 – 70 years do experience this problem.

There could be many reasons why this problem occurs in men and it can be attributed to various health conditions as well as lifestyle disorders.

Let us look at the causes one by one to understand this better. To dive deep in, one needs to know how the process works.

The erection of a penis takes place when the blood flow is directed towards the valve located at the base of the penis.

Therefore, when there is any constraint of blood flow due to certain conditions such as high blood pressure,  change in cholesterol levels and diabetes can lead to this particular condition.

Certain other medical conditions such as cancer,  surgeries that have an impact on the arteries and the nerves, and any kind of pelvic injury can also lead to improper nerve functioning.

What are other diseases that lead to low blood flow to the genitals and a drop in testosterone levels that can further add to this condition?

Erectile dysfunction is not as complicated as it sounds and surely has a cure. There is a variety of treatments that are available and in certain cases, some timeless treatments of alternative therapy can also work.

But the best way is to consult a sexual health expert who will help you identify the root cause and the treatments offered by them may include modern technology that is both a combination of surgery and medicine that assures complete cure.

The condition and treatment may vary from individual to individual and includes pills, injections, and certain devices that can help to increase erection and enhance sexual pleasure.

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