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How Lifestyle Impacts on Male Infertility?

Contrary to what many people believe, becoming pregnant is not relatively as easy as it looks like it would be in the movies and on television.

Consider consulting a fertility specialist or evaluating the quality of your sperm in light of the problem in creating with your spouse.

Men’s fertility can be affected by several factors in their lives. You can help improve the quantity and quality of your sperm by making a few adjustments to how you go about your everyday routine.

The use of tobacco, alcohol and illicit narcotics    .

As a pregnant woman, it is strongly suggested that you drink less alcohol. If you drink excessively, your testosterone levels will fall, which will hurt the quality of your sperm.

Also, tobacco products, including electronic cigarettes, should not be used. In addition, smoking has several adverse effects on male fertility, including a reduction in the number of sperm produced and an increase in the prevalence of male infertility.

  • Bringing the sperm count down


  • Improving the overall quality of the sperm by reducing the rate at which they travel


  • The process of DNA fragmentation is becoming more common.


  • The production of sperm that have abnormal forms


Several dangerous medications, such as steroids, painkillers, and cannabis, should be avoided at all costs. When males take steroids to increase their muscular bulk and athletic abilities, they also disrupt the hormonal signals vital to the generation of sperm.

Both legally prescribed medications and illegal substances can interfere with sperm production, which can have repercussions for both the quantity and quality of sperm.According to several research Cannabis may reduce sperm count.

Diet and exercise

Weight may affect a man’s fertility. Male infertility can occur independently of a man’s weight due to changes in hormones and the quality of his sperm.

Keeping a healthy weight is connected to a higher quality of life, which is especially important regarding fertility.

A healthy diet should focus on consuming a variety of complete foods, including lean proteins, vegetables, fruits, and grains in their full form.

At least three times each week, you should engage in moderate physical activity such as running or lifting weights to improve the quality and quantity of your sperm.

Avoiding Exposure to Hazardous Substances

Recent studies have linked pesticides and electromagnetic radiation from the National Institutes of Health to a decrease in the number, shape, and movement of sperm.

It is pretty challenging to steer clear of pesticides, which are found in the vast majority of plants. By following these guidelines, you can steer clear of items that may contain pesticides:

  • Investing in products cultivated organically, in addition to other types of packaged goods


  • Before consuming any product, it is recommended to wash it carefully and thoroughly.


  • If you want, grow your own food.

The vast majority of electromagnetic radiation originates from commonplace items such as cell phones, laptops, and microwaves, which are notoriously difficult to avoid being close to.

Remove electronic devices such as your phone and laptop from your front pockets to limit the amount of electromagnetic radiation you are exposed to. When heating food in the microwave, ensure that you are at least one meter away from the appliance.


Because of factors associated with lifestyle choices, male infertility has become a significant issue today.

Before making any adjustments to your way of life, you must consult a reproductive specialist first, mainly if you are concerned about your fertility and overall health.

Numerous studies have shown that factors such as obesity, addiction to nicotine, extended exposure to electromagnetic radiation-emitting devices, and alcohol intake all have a significant impact on the quality of sperm.

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