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Properties of Ozone

Properties of Ozone

Property 1– Destroys pathogens

Medicinal ozone can annihilate a wide scope of pathogens like viruses’, microscopic organisms, fungi and a few parasites which are significantly incredible all alone.

It can do this by oxidizing the film of the pathogen once inside the pathogen it oxidizes the layer of the core obliterating the pathogen’s DNA.

Ozone treatment is a type of alternative medical therapy that expects to expand the measure of oxygen in the body through the introduction of ozone. Different systems have been recommended, with intended advantages including the treatment of cancer, AIDS, and numerous sclerosis, among others.

Property 2– boosting oxygen and energy

Medical ozone triggers the red platelets metabolism, presently the red platelet needs to bind the oxygen so it can transport it around the body.

What medical ozone does is it increases the release of the oxygen from the red platelets into the encompassing tissues and cells where it is effectively required and at the time it expands the generation of ATP the energy required by the platelets to perform the functions.

The medical ozone builds the red platelets capacity to wind up increasingly adaptable which improve the red platelets capacity to reach further into the fringe and micro capillary blood circulation which implies more oxygen flow around the body, more oxygen achieving our organs and more oxygen-boosting all our enzymatic metabolic capacities.

Property 3– Boosting and adjusting our immunity

Medicinal ozone triggers the immune system it does this by stimulating special massager cells that associate with the immune system that empowers to support or balance our immune response. This implies when our immune system is low it

will give added backing to expand our immunity. Other times the immune system may require help to return into parity particularly in autoimmune system response and medical ozone brings our immune system once again into balance.

Property 4– Protects us from oxidative state

Medicinal ozone stops oxidative stress; it does this by directing the cancer prevention agent catalysts officially engaged with killing the impacts of antioxidative stress in our bodies with medical ozone the capacity to control the anti- oxen enzymes it builds the body’s ability to oversee oxidative stress more adequately and more effectively thereby decreasing the effect of oxidative stress on our bodies.

Restorative ozone can be amazing support and accelerate our rate of recovery An expansion in energy

A gradual increment of the stamina for the duration of the day and night Better sleeping patterns

Improved memory

The capacity to build the rate of recuperation from chronic symptoms



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