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Sexologist provide Remedies for Sexual Health Issues

Sexologist provide Remedies for Sexual Health Issues

Sexologists are specialists in sexual health. Although both have similar spaces, sexology is a multidisciplinary subject separate from psychology. To provide a specialized service, psychologists must have appropriate expertise in sex therapy.

Erectile dysfunction or erection problems, early or prolonged ejaculation, lack of passion, anorgasmia or vaginismus, and other sexual function issues can be helped by a sexology practitioner.

They also deal with cohabitation, infidelity, a lack of attraction, and other issues that affect couples.

What are the most frequently asked questions?

Without a doubt, erectile dysfunction affects men. We’ve seen a growth in the number of guys (who are getting younger) with this problem for several years. Sexology provides effective therapeutic options for guys who have lost confidence due to this problem.

Rapid ejaculation is the second most commonly discussed issue among guys. The problem causes the couple a lot of frustration and for which sexology has answers.

The most common difficulties in women include a lack of desire for various causes, a lack of orgasm, and pain-fear of intercourse.

The disease’s prognosis

Sexual issues are not life-threatening diseases, but they do influence the patient’s sexual health, affecting his psychological health and wellbeing. Patients with sexual issues frequently experience a loss of self-confidence, low self-esteem, or even melancholy.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of sexual issues lies in the fact that they affect the patient’s sexual health and that of their partner.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction

Sexual problems manifest themselves in various ways.

Both men and women can suffer from anorgasmia and lack of sexual desire, which are psychiatric diseases that prevent the patient from engaging in sexual intercourse. Anxiety, depression, or stress are the most common symptomatology’s.

What are the origins of sexual issues?

Sexual problems can be emotional or physical, resulting from stress, disease or injury, drug side effects, or mental or physical issues.

Is it possible to prevent them?

Many sexual difficulties can be avoided by maintaining healthy emotional and physical health. Erectile dysfunction, for example, might be caused by vascular issues, which can be avoided by preventing obesity, high blood pressure, excessive cholesterol, or smoking.

On the other hand, education plays a critical part in sexual issues because, in many cases of anorgasmia, a lack of sexual drive or dysfunction, the patient’s sexual education, perception of sex, and self-esteem and confidence are all affected by their sexual education.

Treatment of anxiety and stress is also beneficial in preventing sexual difficulties caused by psychological factors.

Treatments for sexual dysfunction

The treatment for sexual disorders varies considerably based on the type of sexual problem and the cause.

As a result, psychological treatment is used to treat numerous sexual issues. In situations caused by vascular, pelvic floor, or hormonal cases, on the other hand, you’ll need individualized care and treatment from a gynecologist or andrologist.


Sexologists deal with more than just sexual issues. They also provide sex education, conduct sexology research, work to promote sexual and reproductive rights, make a significant contribution to the dissemination of high-quality sexological knowledge, stand up for the rights of specific communities who have traditionally been marginalized due to sexuality issues, and work to promote erotic enrichment in the sexology clinic.

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