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What is Infertility? Its Causes, Treatment and Side-Effects

Fertility is an ability to produce offspring and the inability to produce is called infertility. Incompetency can have in both men and women. When a woman is not conceiving for a year after having unprotected sex without the use of birth control then the situation is called infertility and it needs medical treatment. You need to visit the best clinic in Bangalore for getting fertility treatment done. Sometimes medication can solve your problems and sometimes you need to go for advanced treatment for a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Infertility Causes

In women-

Eggs decrease over the age so infertility mostly occurs in higher age group female.

Uterus, ovary and fallopian tube damage, poor egg quality

In men-

Low sperm count, abnormal semen, and low sperm

In general-

Genetic factors, some diseases, and radiation therapy

Smoking, alcoholism, over and less exercising, diet, mental stress, obesity

Infertility Treatment

Treatment depends on many factors, first the test will be done to check the inability of men or women. The fertility treatments available for men and women both, just search for male infertility treatment in Bangalore and you will get the Best infertility doctor in Bangalore. It also depends on their age, health status, their personal preference. The treatment depends on the cause of infertility. There are many technologies developed and a lot of treatment methods researched to improve the ability to conceive.

The most popular treatment options are IUI(intrauterine insemination) and IVF(in-vitro fertilization). In IUI treatment process the healthy sperm from the male gets collected and get injected directly into the female’s uterus. In IVF treatment process the sperm and egg get collected from the couple and let them fertilize in the lab. ICSI(intracytoplasmic sperm injection), surrogacy and surgery also best treatment for fertility.

Infertility Side effects

Although the fertility treatment is helpful in conceiving, it includes some side effect and there is a need to know those effects before getting treated. The side effects depend on which drugs you are consuming and for which treatment you are going for?

The general side effects of fertility drugs are nausea, bloating, headache, weight gain, dizziness, breast tenderness, abnormal menstrual bleeding, trouble sleeping, fatigue, upset stomach, mood swing and conceiving multiple pregnancies.

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