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What to avoid in the kitchen for your Arthritis?

Inflammation or joints pain triggers arthritis. Joint pains are associated from various factors including hereditary, impact of infections, misled immune system. Taking medications, active lifestyle and avoiding injury will help prevent inflammation. But certain foods we eat, suppress or foster inflammation. By making sure to add anti-inflammatory foods like leafy greens and certain colorful vegetables, you can ease pain from arthritis.

Let’s make a list of foods to avoid to promote anti-inflammation:

  • Omega-6 fatty acids

Excessive eating of omega-6 will trigger inflammation, but a healthy portion of small doses of peanuts, safflower oils, sunflower will help keep inflammatory chemicals in check.

  • Sugar and sugar-free alternatives

Refined sugar that is in fruit juices, candy, soda triggers cytokines that causes inflammation. Fructose, sucrose, corn syrup are also inflammation causing agents.

  • Processed foods

All processed foods that include pre-packaged meals, baked goods that contain trans fats as preservatives will trigger systemic inflammation.

  • Refined carbohydrates

The list includes white bread, crackers are refined carbohydrates. They cause glucose to shoot up which is said to cause inflammation.

  • High-fat dairy

Butter, margarine, cheese are high in saturated fats and will trigger inflammation of joints. However certain products like Greek yogurt is found to be anti-inflammatory and can help ease joint pains.

Keep in mind, small changes in your diet and active lifestyle, swapping wheat bread to white bread, cooking in olive oil can help you treat your joints and ease pain before you consider regular medications.

Roy Health Clinic is one the oldest Unani & Ayurveda Health Care Centres in Kerala & Karnataka established by Dr. Mohammed Sharief Roy in 1970 at Bangalore.

He was a well-known Unani Physician and his whole life dedicated to Developing and Promoting Unani & Ayurveda Medicine in India. , Hakim Dr. Mohammed Sharief  Roy continued the family tradition.

Roy Medical & Health clinics have locations in  Trichur, and Bangalore provides a cure and care using UNANI and AYURVEDIC medicines through Qualified Unani (BUMS) and Ayurveda (BAMS) and Naturopaths Doctors,  offering personal consultation services at their clinics.

We pay great attention to provide the finest herbal products developed at our own facility. These remedies are prepared to the highest possible standards, 100% hygienic and safe, efficacious and free from undesirable side effects. We do not use any herbs prohibited or banned by the Department of Health in India.

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