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Why Erectile Dysfunction is no Longer just a Sexual Health Issue?

Erectile Dysfunction or ED as more commonly known is a specific sexual health issue that is faced by men.

This particular issue is gender-specific, but the causes are quite common and faced by all in our present day’s hectic lifestyle.

This particular issue can raise performance anxiety in men which is another bad effect that prolongs the ED further. Although, ED is a sexual problem yet the causes leading up to this problem can be rooted somewhere else deeply.

Numerous researches have shown that underlying health issues left untreated for a long time have resulted in ED in men, so treating and knowing the causes of ED are no longer limited to being just a sexual health problem.

  • Anxiety resulting from work overload and stress is a big issue that slowly affects the sexual health of men in recent times. Many men nowadays do not speak of the stressful issues they face at work and this affects their mental health which slowly takes a turn in affecting their sexual health. Sexologists can determine this cause with a few consultations, and guide you in a proper manner to help you treat your ED.
  • Erectile dysfunction has embedded deep discord between partners and couples. Many partners do not open up to each other fearing ridicule and judgement. This has further contributed to keeping mum while trying to deal with the issue on his own. ED is not to be taken lightly and it is understandable if you are uncomfortable sharing or opening up to your partner. But, with the help of an expert, both you and your partner now can understand ED and go for treatment accordingly.
  • ED also causes premature ejaculation, which can be a big sexual issue for both intimate satisfaction and fertility. With the help of activities and free conversations, sexologists try to understand the root cause of your issue and help you accordingly with both mental and medicinal support.
  • Depression is quite common and often goes undiagnosed. It slowly leads to a lack of urges, mood fluctuations and performance anxiety which together take a toll on sexual health. ED can happen at any point in your life due to these factors. But the positive point to note is that Ed is completely treatable and with proper direction and medical help you can get back your sexual health in no time at all.
  • Being sexually inhibited also can be a big factor in causing ED. The thought of being inexperienced and what to do and how to do can be a big contributing stress factor thatleads to a momentary relapse of ED.

If you are facing any such issues and are unable to open up to any near and dear ones including your partner, then do not worry but approach and consult a sexologist.

Your doctor is the perfect person to help you deal with your intimate problem and the best part is that along with patient confidentiality you get a judgement-free unbiased treatment based solely on the analysis of your causes and medical reports.

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