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6 Reasons why it is always correct to approach a Sexologist

Sexuality is a source of infinite desires and pleasures but also of anxiety and torment when it goes wrong.

This is where sexologists come into play and offer the possibility of understanding and treating sexual disorders, whether psychological or organic. But it’s not always easy to talk about your inner worries.

Visiting a sexologist implies admitting certain powerlessness in the face of personal difficulties. If the problem you are experiencing nevertheless influences your health or your daily well-being, and you feel dissatisfied or lost: know that the sexologist offers to help you, provide you with solutions and provide follow-up. This article will reveal the top 6 reasons why it is always correct to approach a sexologist.

Let’s see the reasons why you should approach a Sexologist.

For information- Sexologists can guide you and inform you about sexuality. Indeed, if you have any questions about how you function in terms of sex, your fantasies, the practices that attract you, or the relationship with your partner, you can absolutely consult a specialist. It can simply be used to find answers to your questions, allay your doubts and anxieties, or highlight a problem that needs to be solved in order to find sexuality that really suits you.

To solve functional problems- Some people consult a sexologist because they are victims of functional sexual problems, such as premature ejaculation disorder, desire disorder, lack of orgasm or even pleasure, vaginal dryness, or a more general sexual blockage. In these different situations, the sexologist can help you by giving you advice on how to overcome your difficulty. For example, in the context of a desire disorder, he can give you tips to boost your libido through sensual exercises, massages with an aphrodisiac oil, foreplay, etc.

To find alternatives in the context of an illness- There are also couples who no longer manage to make love, not because the desire is no longer there, but because an illness prevents them from doing so. In addition, some chronic disease treatments can have adverse effects on sexuality. It is, therefore, not a question of stopping this treatment but of succeeding in regaining sexuality despite taking medication.

In these two situations, the sexologist can help the couple to take stock of the impossibilities resulting from health problems or treatments, then propose solutions and alternatives in order to help both partners find a form of sexuality that suits them and which does not have any negative consequences on the disease or the treatment.

To overcome relationship problems- It is possible that sexual difficulties arise in response to more or less recent conflicts in the couple.

Infidelity, the arrival of a baby, financial problems…, and many delicate situations can lead to problems in the sexuality of a couple. In this case, it may be wise to turn to a sexologist specializing in couple therapy.

The latter can help you find the origin of your difficulties if you have not identified them, put words to them, and of course, find solutions in order to resolve them in order to succeed in finding a more fulfilling sex life.

To overcome more personal traumas- Finally, there are difficulties or traumas that can affect sexuality.

Thus, sexual assault, rape, the death of a loved one, and difficult childhood are all traumas that can have repercussions on the sexual life of the individual. In this case, the sexologist can help you so that your difficult experience no longer has or has less of an impact on your sex life.

In addition, if he deems it necessary, he can at the same time refer you to a psychologist in order to overcome your trauma and live more peacefully.

To better understand physiology- Sometimes, a misunderstanding of the physiology and functioning of the body is at the origin of sexual difficulties.

Especially when age interferes with its functioning, but at any age, received ideas, inculcated by a strictly normative education, can accentuate sexual difficulties.

The role of the sexologist is to explain the physiology of men and women, as well as the impact that pathology and its treatment can have on sexuality, and to place sexuality in the context of the couple’s relationship, taking into account the functioning of the couple.

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