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7 Professional Advice from the Best Sexologist for Sexual Problems

Every client in a sex therapy wants “perfect” and passionate sex like they see in the movies when no one’s hair gets tangled and everyone orgasms simultaneously.

Having sexual relations can be stressful, baffling, and unpleasant.

People may be uncomfortable having sexual encounters with their partners, frustrated by their inability to do so regularly, or anxious about appropriately performing sexual acts.

Customers frequently come to Navayavvana Dispensary from an aggravated state.

After having too many conflicts or ignoring the matter, most people need to learn how to communicate and need assistance from an expert Sexologist.

The following are seven pieces of advice that I give to customers to assist them in achieving “feel-good moments” when watching television.

  1. Sense

Pay attention to your body using all five of your senses. Think more about how your enjoyment can enhance your performance instead of how your routine can improve your pleasure.

The sexual pressure that the vast majority of individuals experience is relieved. This can help you overcome anxiety brought on by the belief that you are expected to know everything there is to know about sexuality.

  1. Outer course extends your sex horizons.

Sex isn’t just penile-vaginal. Experiment with various forms of outer course, such as kissing, touching, massaging, and using sex toys. Exploring a variety of multiple physical sensations is necessary for orgasm.

  1. Be aware of the way you best receive love.

Utilize your best qualities when you’re in the bedroom. It’s easy to feel angry when your wants aren’t met because you deserve to have them completed. Instead of giving up, try to see things from the other person’s point of view. Find a way to agree.

Conflicts emerge whenever one party feels that the other is being undervalued.

You can create a sexual connection with your spouse if you learn their language of love and communicate your affection in that language (for example, by giving them gifts, giving them physical attention, or taking out the garbage).

  1. Nobody enjoys having their spouse or sexual partner held up as a standard by which they are judged.

Comparison is a breeding ground for uneasiness as well as hatred. Have a good time with one another instead.

Memorize! Date nights guarantee the participant will have new sexual encounters.

  1. Investigate

It’s crucial to be conscious of your body. This exercise will assist you in recognizing the sexual triggers that drive you crazy.

This will help you instruct your partner to touch you properly.

  1. Recognize your limitations.

You will feel less overwhelmed and more in charge of your sexual life if you clearly understand your motivations and the amount of time, energy, and resources you can commit to yourself and your partner.

  1. Prioritise

Boost the level of sexual closeness. Avoid juggling too many things at once. It is essential to schedule time for rest, recreation, and sexual activity.

Regular exercise is recommended because it increases blood flow to the genitalia, which is necessary for sexual excitement.

It makes things more enjoyable. Regular exercise improves mood and releases endorphins, increasing sexual desire.

Sexuality is neither bothersome nor frightening. Employing these strategies will help you feel more confident about your sexuality, relationships, and overall identity.

A more fulfilling sex life can result from having realistic expectations and being honest about one’s needs and preferences.


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