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Consult sexologists to get resolved from sexual issues

Medical sexology is a branch of medicine that studies the causes, course features, and clinical manifestations of sexual disorders and deals with treating and preventing sexual issues and disorders.

In a broader sense, sexology is a scientific discipline that covers any manifestation of human sexuality, both normal and pathological.

Tasks of sexology

Normal sexology deals with the study of human sexual health.

Sexopathology deals with aspects of sexual health disorders, diagnosis, and treatment of sexual disorders.

The objectives of this discipline:

  • identification of violations and deviations in the sexual sphere of patients;
  • identification of risk factors and conditions for the occurrence of these disorders;
  • study of the main patterns of the formation of sexopathology;
  • development and introduction into clinical practice of new methods of treatment;
  • classification of sexopathology;
  • development and application of prevention methods.

Only a specialist with higher medical education in the specialty of sexology, a sexologist, has the right to treat sexual issues. In their practice, doctors of this specialty actively use a variety of methods from other medical sections – pharmacology, psychiatry, and psychotherapy. Psychotherapy is most closely associated with sexology since most sexual disorders are, to some extent, connected with the mental sphere of a person.

Some disorders of the sexual sphere are based on somatic diseases – arterial hypertension, atherosclerosis, endocrinological diseases, and the consequences of injuries. The work of a sexologist is closely related to andrology, gynecology, psychiatry, and endocrinology.

What complaints should be addressed to a sexologist?

You can consult a sexologist either on your own or in the direction of another doctor – a therapist, surgeon, psychiatrist, and others.

The grounds for appeal may be the following complaints:

  • decreased libido (sex drive);
  • erection and ejaculation disorders;
  • anorgasmia – lack of orgasm;
  • frigidity is also called “sexual indifference,”;
  • physical pain during intercourse;
  • psychological discomfort associated with sexual intercourse or its expectation;
  • puberty in adolescents;
  • disorders of sexual maturation – premature maturation or its delay;
  • problems with transsexualism;
  • problems of psychological adaptation in society in adolescents with homosexuality;
  • disharmony of marital relations against the background of sex.

Diagnostic and treatment methods in sexology

Diagnosis of sexual issues begins with anamnesis, with a search for risk factors. The sexologist conducts a fairly intimate conversation with the patient, during which he finds out all the nuances of sexual life. Laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods are auxiliary.

A sexologist may prescribe the following research methods:

  • General and clinical blood tests.
  • Blood tests for hormones: testosterone, estrogens, thyroxine, and others.
  • Ultrasound of the thyroid gland, prostate (in men), uterus, and ovaries (in women).

With a consultative purpose, a sexologist may involve other specialists: an endocrinologist, a gynecologist, an andrologist, a psychologist, and a psychotherapist.

Most of the treatment of sexual problems is carried out with the help of psychotherapy – a large number of treatment and rehabilitation programs have been developed. In the course of treatment, the sexologist explains to the patient their mistakes, debunks misconceptions in the field of sexual communication, and fights prejudices. The doctor’s main task is to explain to patients the mechanisms underlying the sexual disorder – this will help them cope with the problem.

If the cause of sexual disorders is a somatic disease, efforts are directed toward the treatment of this pathology. At the intersection of sexology and andrology, surgical methods for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, which is one of the most common problems in the genital area, have arisen. These treatments include penile prosthetics.

What are you waiting for? Consult a sexologist for a suitable problem for your sexual issues.

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