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Delayed ejaculation and how to treat it

Are you facing the problem of delayed ejaculation?

In that circumstance what executions you should proceed with?

In this particular post, we are going to quickly take you through what you can possibly do if you are facing an issue like this.

Delayed ejaculation is very common among men and is certainly not something to be overlooked.

But yes, this particular condition should not be avoided and one should have an open conversation with their sexologists regarding the same if they are facing this particular issue.

So what exactly is delayed ejaculation?

It is nothing but an ability for a man to ‘cum” and this can be quite frustrating as well as sexually unsatisfying.

So what is it that one should do if they are suffering from a condition like this?

First, let’s try to understand what exactly delayed ejaculation is. It is a condition where a man is inhibited from ejaculating due to certain issues that could be either physical or psychological. This further hampers the sexual performance and both partners are left unsatisfied.

A very important point that should be noted here is that the average ejaculation time is about 4 to 10 minutes.

But the interesting point is that in most couples this is also the average time for sexual intercourse.

So the question now is, how long should the sexual interaction last?  if it is about 4 to 10 minutes.

Then in case of delayed ejaculation, the intercourse unable to sustain that much time, and this may lead to this satisfaction and an unfulfilled sexual act.

Men who are unable to ejaculate in this period of time, keep trying for almost a longer duration but without any success.

It can therefore lead to loss of orgasm and therefore cause a tremendous amount of frustration as well as distress amongst the sexual partners.


So what is the line of treatment?

Premature ejaculation can be primarily treated with the help of certain types of drugs prescribed by your sexual health expert, by undergoing psychological therapy as well as also getting treatment for behavioral therapy.

The best way is to talk to your who will help you to decide on the best choice for you.  As per your sexual health expert, you may need more than one type of treatment to get completely rid of this condition.

Psychological therapy is nothing but a way to work around your emotions and feelings that may be leading to certain sexual ups and downs in your relationship.

Behavioral therapy helps to condition your mind so as to work around the delay in ejaculation so that you can have better performance.

Certain drugs may be prescribed by your medical specialist to enhance the experience and make it a pleasurable experience for you.

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