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Don’t rely on instant pills! Visit sexologist for sexual issues

It is not easy to specify what a sexologists does or how this professional helps individuals and couples to detect, overcome or manage sexual problems.

In addition, the sex therapist, due to his profession, must consider himself a person with an open mind and a positive attitude towards sex, maintaining a broad perspective in which he considers psychological, sociological, anthropological, and historical aspects of sexual behavior.

The therapist must also have advanced knowledge in counseling or psychological therapy and in sexology.

Its task is to help its clients to mature sexually, accompanying them to identify their sexual interests and offering resources, tools, and techniques so that, ultimately, the person is able to manage their own sexuality.

Sexologists, equipped with tools and specific knowledge on issues of sexual behavior, emotions, and interaction, help people come to terms with any problems they have with their sexual experiences to help them improve their well-being and quality of life.

How can a sexologist help you?

It is essential to keep in mind that the vast majority of sexual problems have a psychological or learning origin.

However, psychological and biological causes can be mixed in the face of dysfunction. That is why the specialization in clinical sexology is enabled to be studied only by doctors or psychologists who already have basic comprehensive health training.

So, in principle, every human sexuality professional is also a health professional who can interpret the reasons behind your discomfort and find a diagnosis that allows you to begin to solve it (in addition to understanding what its causes may be).

Likewise, sexologists can provide you with the necessary support and space to talk openly about aspects of your health that cause shame, pain, or even fear.

Problems treated by a sexologist

People sometimes need sexual education or counseling, even when there is no type of disorder or problem. Sexology helps not only to overcome erectile dysfunctions but also to improve people’s sexual health.

Some of the problems for which people go to a sexologist are: 

  •        Anorgasmia: It is the inability to reach an orgasm for psychological reasons, although there may also be a biological etiology.
  •        Ejaculation disorders:It occurs in men, associated with some anxiety before the sexual act. This disorder deals with premature ejaculation and delayed ejaculation.
  •        Sexual desire:Either the lack or excess of sexual desire that prevents the healthy and balanced exercise of sexuality and life as a couple.
  •        Vaginismus:Inability to prevent vaginal penetration due to involuntary contraction of the vaginal muscles, usually caused by a psychological block.
  •        Couple problems:The misunderstanding or incompatibility of the couple at sexual-emotional levels causes other problems and leads to conflicts that can be solved with the mediation of a sexologist.

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