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Exclusive tips to choose best doctor for male infertility

When a couple needs to undergo assisted reproduction treatments, doubts begin to arise. Fear of the unknown and fear of failure can be quite uncomfortable.

Choosing the best infertility specialist seems simple, but there are many factors that you must take into account in this choice.

Guidelines for choosing a fertility doctor

When choosing a fertility specialist or a clinic when you want to become a father or mother, there are key aspects that you cannot ignore.

  1. To begin with, you must be aware of your budget. Fertility or assisted reproduction treatments can be expensive. Thus, finding a clinic, you can pay for will be essential.
  2. In addition to the economic factor, which should never be ignored, it is also necessary to look at the pregnancy success rate of the clinic or specialist. A broad rate gives couples a little more confidence.
  3. In the case of looking at a clinic, you can study the experience of its specialists. See which hospitals or centers they have worked in and their success rates.
  4. Try to search for information and read about the clinic in question, find out if they have state-of-the-art laboratories, and try to get in touch with former patients. The experience of others can be the best reference.

Questions to ask a fertility specialist

To find a good fertility specialist, you may be able to ask questions to your fertility specialist. If you have close experiences and success stories, you can also base yourself on those testimonials to make a choice.

Once you have the list of doctors, specialists, or centers that interest you, it is time to interview them. If you have health insurance, first check to see if any of them fall within it.

Another selection criterion when starting to interview them is proximity to home or office. Remember that comfort is essential in these cases. Also, once you are in the consultations, you must prepare well the questions you want to ask. Do not stay with any doubts and always do more or less the same questions.

Some of those questions that you can ask a fertility specialist are the following:

  • How long has the medical director been in charge of the fertility clinic?
  • How long have the other doctors worked there? These questions can make you see if the clinic has good management. Poor management can contribute to mistakes.
  • How long have they been practicing the assisted reproduction techniques they use? This will allow you to know the experience in the matter, at least in years.
  • How much does the treatment cost? Are there financing methods?
  • What are the most frequently performed procedures at this clinic?
  • What are the treatments that they do in that clinic with the highest success rate?
  • How many cycles per year can be done?


When faced with a fertility problem, you have to act with determination by making decisions, and one of the most important point is to remember the points given above to choose the best fertility specialist.

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