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Hiding sexual problems will put you in trouble

Sexual life is one of the foundations of our health, and the body needs it, just like proper rest, physical activity, and a balanced diet.

Psychologists recommend not to hide the intimate problems that have appeared as it will put you in much trouble, but in a country like ours, the topic of sexual relations is still considered something indecent, which is better not to talk about.

Sometimes shame and fear of such discussions lead to disastrous consequences – the spouses disperse, not finding the courage to discuss problems in bed. How can you tell about intimate details to a complete stranger?

Gaining courage

It must be understood that a sexologist is a real doctor with a medical education whose work is not much different from the work of the doctors we are used to in the clinic.

Even if your story seems to you the rarest, shameful and hopeless case, cast aside doubts – among the many other patients of this specialist, there is at least one more (and most likely not one) with the same problem.

Remember that this doctor may be the only one in your life, but for him, you are another patient whose problems he treats exclusively as a doctor.

Even in such a delicate area, you can always find a specialist who will make you feel comfortable during appointments – read reviews about a particular doctor; you will find details about the specifics of his work.

What problem to go with

The competence of this doctor includes a huge range of different problems associated with emotional experiences and the work of the reproductive system. A sexologist is worth a visit if:

  • your sexual desire has disappeared or, on the contrary, it has become excessive, which distracts from any work;
  • you are disturbed by your fantasies or emotional state during intimacy;
  • you have ceased to be able to have sexual intercourse;
  • you never experienced or stopped experiencing sexual pleasure;
  • Are you experiencing physical or emotional pain during sex?
  • you are bothered by homosexual/transsexual experiences;
  • sexual desires of a partner and yours do not match;
  • sexual intercourse ends too quickly / lasts too long;
  • there are conflicts between you and your partner that prevent you from having a full sexual life;
  • you refuse intimacy due to upbringing/past failure/emotional barriers.

There is also a teenage sexologist. You should go to such a doctor if you are concerned about too early or too late sexual development of the child or any deviations from the norm in his sexual behavior.

You can also turn to a sexologist for the sexual education of a teenager – a professional will tell him all the necessary information and answer all his questions, and you can avoid such awkward conversations “about it.”

Choose a doctor: a sexologist, or a sexologist-psychologist

Sexology is a scientific discipline dealing with human sexual behavior. Sexopathology is a part of general sexology that studies deviations from the norm. There is a fine line between these two areas, which is difficult to understand without special medical knowledge. Outside of scientific activity, these words began to be used as synonyms.

But other words in the name of a specialist are of great importance. There are sexologists-gynecologists, sexologists-urologists, sexologists-psychologists, sexologists-psychotherapists and even sexologists-psychiatrists.

A gynecologist and a urologist will help to understand the problem, the root of which lies in the functioning of the reproductive system.

It is better to go to a psychologist and psychotherapist with emotional experiences, and a psychiatrist will deal with deviations in the work of the psyche.

Analyze your situation and try to understand what worries you and what kind of help you expect from a doctor.

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