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Is excessive weight related to infertility in men?

Yes you heard it right, man or woman is overweight then it can certainly affect their ability to conceive a child.

It is known to be one of the single most burning causes of infertility in men and women today.

It has been found that most men and women struggle which infertility issues if they are not able to manage their weight properly.

Obesity can greatly affect how a woman’s body can store the various sex hormones and similar is the case with a man.

Due to one being overweight the sex hormones do not function properly, therefore, affecting the metabolism rate as well.

This further leads to impairment in reproductive function and this is a vicious cycle that needs to be broken.

Several studies have been carried out that bring out the fact that man who was found to be overweight or base was producing a lower amount of semen as compared to those who were in the healthy weight category.

Men whose waist measured more than 40 inches word seen to have a lower percentage of sperm count as compared to those whose waistlines were less than 37 inches.

So how does the man’s weight have back on his fertility rate?

This is a question that cannot be answered thoroughly, as there could be various reasons for the same.

But most infertility specialists have specific theories that can justify the same.

Excess fat in the body can impact in several ways.  A lot of hormonal imbalance takes place and many people may respond to a different.

Infertility is one such condition that is likely to generate from weight and obesity in men.  Here is what could be seen as the possible reasons for infertility in men with weight issues.

When the body fat gets to a level that is too much, the hormones start playing head boy on the body.

It is generally seen that overweight men have a very high level of testosterone and therefore female hormone estrogen is also on the higher side. This could affect the sperm count and dictate how semen is produced.

Body temperature is another aspect that is directly related to the production of sperm. As per research, it has been found that increased heat in the testicular area, it may lead to an over the quality of sperm and count as well.

The insulation of too much body fat, further lead to high temperature in the scrotum, can the sperm may be affected thereby.

Obesity is a clear indication of high erectile dysfunction in most men. This may be a complex issue and needs to be dealt with in consultation with an expert.

Certain Lifestyle diseases may also contribute as these too are associated with obesity or excessive weight.

Consult a sexologist health expert, if you have any such condition and are unable to manage your weight and things will fall in place before you know.

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