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Lack of sexual interest? Consult sexologist

A person’s sex life is one element that shapes their physical and psychological well-being. And that is why when a problem appears in this area, the quality of life of that person suffers at various levels.

If you want to learn about everything a sexologist does, their functions, and why it is essential to visit them at this time of life, keep reading this blog that is perfect for you.

What is a sexologist?

Depending on the original training of the sexologist, he may have different areas of action.

For example, a sexologists doctor can take care of the health problems that exist in the bodies of their patients, while a psychologist can help with therapy to talk about things that are happening around sex, or, on the contrary, a worker social can make scientific dissemination in communities that need to learn about the subject.

Benefits of visiting a sexologist

People who visit a sexologist may or may not have physical difficulty related to sexual intercourse. Here are four advantages of visiting a sexologist:

  1. Take care of physical difficulties: if you have physical problems that hinder sexual relations, a sexologist can help improve or solve them.

For example, within this category, there is erectile dysfunction, the inability to reach orgasm, pain during sexual intercourse or lack of libido.

  1. Promote sexual and reproductive rights: a single conversation with a sexologist can help you understand things that you did not know before about the rights related to sexuality.

You can learn a lot and become an advocate and communicator of these leanings in your closest circle.

  1. Facilitates the process of self-discovery: sexologists will help you talk more openly about your body, your desires, and your needs, which will allow you to explore this entire field of your life more calmly. These professionals are experts in demystifying sexuality.
  2. It brings couples closer: when two people go to a sexology consultation together, they can talk very calmly about what they feel during sexual intercourse and that creates a very special bond.

In general, couples who attend an appointment with a sexologist have more satisfying sexual relationships.

Does a sexologist only serve couples?

The function of a sexologist is not only focused on the care of couples because, in reality, they can also serve individual patients or entire communities.

It is not necessary to have a stable partner, or perhaps have some kind of relationship with another person, to go to the sexologist.

Can an older adult visit a sexologist?

Of course! Anyone, from the beginning of adolescence, can visit a sexologist because sexuality is not limited by age or by the moment of life.

Human beings, just as you need to eat and breathe, you are always in contact with your sexual dimension.

That is why older adults can take great advantage of appointments with a sexologist because they can answer questions and treat some symptoms of age.

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