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Male infertility… Signs and symptoms

Infertility is a growing concern for both men as well as women in today’s challenging world. It is difficult for one to accept that this condition affects both men as well as women equally.

The number of incidences relating to male infertility is on the constant rise and rampant in certain urban areas where there are a lot of contributing Lifestyle issues as well.

A lot of male fertility issues are left undiagnosed and untreated for the simple reason that most men consider it inappropriate to visit a sexologist and get a check-up done for the same. The majority of the patients with male infertility fall under the age group of 25 to 40.

There are various signs and symptoms that can help identify male infertility provided one pays a visit to the doctor and gets a thorough check-up done. Here is what you need to look out for if you are suffering from infertility issues.

Most often there may not be any specific symptoms related to infertility apart from the obvious reason that a couple is able to conceive a child.

A detailed medical check-up and a neurological history that take note of any kind of sexual disorders,  chronic medical conditions, or any other sexual history will help to determine whether a person is suffering from infertility or not.

One of the commonly found causes of infertility in men is Azoospermia, which is the absence of a viable sperm that can lead to the fertilization of the egg.

In order to complete the process of fertilization, it is important that the sperm should be able to fertilize the egg by penetrating its outer layer. Forms that are unable to do so have any abnormality will not be able to do this.

Some other frequently observed male infertility causes are chronic infections of the genitals as well as other chronic infections that may need medical attention.

Another very common problem that is faced by many is varicocele which is the enlargement of the veins around the testicles. This drastically affects sperm development and should be treated as an infertility issue.

It is seen that a particular condition may affect about 20% of men and therefore is one of the contributing factors to male infertility.

Vasectomy and congenital obstructions, as well as sexual dysfunctions, are also some of the common problems seen in men.

Other than the above problems, certain Lifestyle conditions such as delay in you getting married, too much stress at work,  erratic working hours, exposure to pollution, lack of proper diet and exercise can also play off major role in various infertility issues in men.

Smoking, as well as drinking, can also have a negative influence on infertility because this is also a major contributor to other Lifestyle diseases such as blood pressure and diabetes.

Obesity is also considered to be a major reason for many people facing infertility issues and therefore it should be checked.

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