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Medication offers real help for male infertility

It is a prevalent misconception that the only people who can benefit from fertility medications are those ladies who are unable to conceive a child.

Hormone therapy and male fertility injections, both of which boost sperm shape and motility, are two examples of the many medications used to treat male infertility (movement).

If one wishes to steer clear of unfavorable reactions to treatment, these medications must be taken precisely as directed by your physician.

Fertility pharmacies are a great option if your diagnosis of male factor infertility requires you to take medicine to treat the condition.

Patients can receive more in-depth guidance and help related to fertility from the pharmacists and employees working at specialty pharmacies.

They are well-versed in the technique for fertility therapy and can respond to questions and provide information on specific fertility treatments or drugs in general.

Male infertility medicines include:

A wide range of drugs is available for treating male reproductive diseases. Here are some popular suggestions.

Clomiphene citrate (Clomid)

Some males take the same oral medication women to take to trigger ovulation and increase sperm count.

Estrogen blockers are frequent, and one example is clomiphene citrate. When administered orally to men, LH and follicular stimulating hormone levels in the pituitary gland are elevated (FSH). This boosts sperm count, morphology, and motility. Clomiphene boosts testosterone.

Testosterone Therapy:

Many men are under the impression that testosterone therapy encourages the generation of healthy sperm and the growth of healthy sperm; however, this is not always the case.

If you take testosterone in supplement form, your body will likely interpret this as a signal that it already possesses an adequate amount of the hormone. Infertility doctors will assess the patient’s sperm and design a treatment plan.

Clomiphene citrate can cause anxiety.

Pectoral muscle pain

It is possible to hasten the progression of prostate cancer if the disease already exists

Your line of sight may shift.

These adverse effects will vanish as soon as you stop taking your medication and may even go away in the other direction. If you see any of the following, visit your doctor or pharmacist.

Clomiphene citrate has surprising benefits.

Clomiphene citrate is generally well tolerated by males. Most guys report unfavorable effects such as increased sex desire, longer and harder erections, improved energy, increased muscle mass, and lower body weight.


As clomiphene citrate might not work for sure, guys, their doctors might recommend hCG or hMG injections as an alternative treatment for them. As injectable drugs require more work to handle and administer, they should only be used when necessary.

Anastrazole” (Arimidex)

Anastrozole was created to treat estrogen-sensitive breast cancer (stimulated by estrogen). It prevents the body’s tissues from converting excess testosterone into estradiol in the liver and other organs.

When a man’s estradiol and testosterone levels are out of whack, anastrozole is frequently used as a treatment.

After correcting the original hormone imbalance, anastrozole can improve not only the generation of sperm but also the morphology and motility of those sperm.

Aching in the stomach is one of the side effects of anastrozole.

Joint or muscle inflammation – Diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting – Infections of the tonsils and pharynx – Inflammation of the joints or muscles

The bones get cracks as they grow.

Men who take anastrozole as a reproductive medicine are less likely to have these and other serious side effects.


Like any other type of prescription medication, male fertility treatments can potentially interact negatively with the active ingredients in other pharmaceuticals and nutritional supplements.

Tell us about any medications, supplements, or steroids you might be using, whether they are prescribed to you or purchased illegally.

The pharmacists at the pharmacy have years of expertise working with males and the various fertility medicines, and they can assist you in achieving good results.

In addition to offering informative materials, we are happy to address any questions regarding the diagnoses or drugs you are currently taking.

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