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Reason Why People Visit a Sexologist

Reason Why People Visit a Sexologist

Going to the doctor is routine for most people, but discussing consulting with a sexologist can be more problematic due to the stereotypes surrounding sexuality.

There are various reasons to see a sexologist, which many individuals overlook due to fear, moral concerns, or other factors.

  • Erectile dysfunction (ED): Its cause, whether total or partial, can be traced back to emotional events such as a broken relationship, resentments, or ailments like diabetes and hypertension. It is critical to see a specialist and, more importantly, that both partners do so because this problem impacts the partnership.
  • Premature ejaculation: One in every five males suffers from premature ejaculation, which they cannot manage in most cases. The man feels disappointed that he won’t experience the pleasure any longer. Seeking assistance will improve your health and, of course, your relationship.
  • Sexual desire declines or even disappears: This syndrome affects men and women equally, and it occurs regardless of the couple’s caresses or activities. Various factors might contribute to it, including stress, low self-esteem, familial or financial issues, and in some instances, a lack of desire can be linked to a lack of or loss of love. Couples who communicate well together can notice problems and, in most circumstances, find solutions.
  • Orgasmic impotence: Women are constantly in pain since sex does not assist them in climaxing. Some even claim they have never had an orgasm and that it is only achievable with foreplay and not penetration.
  • Selective anorgasmia: It occurs when an orgasm is experienced with a different partner or solely while masturbating. This condition has emotional and, in some cases, physical components.
  • Ejaculatory inability: It’s hard to believe, but some guys experience issues with ejaculation. According to the sexologist, this problem is linked to anxiety or fear of obtaining a condition or getting the partner pregnant. Ejaculation “backward” can happen in some circumstances, often related to poorly managed diabetes. It occurs when a man feels ejaculating, but the semen instead moves to his bladder. Ejaculating backward stops the climax from occurring.
  • Inadequate information: It is frequently mentioned that the size of the male person is a significant component in female enjoyment; nevertheless, he insists that there is no such link because if there were, the depth of the vaginal canal should be considered. Seeing a sexologist keeps your information up to date and removes any misconceptions about your sexuality.
  • Pain in vaginal penetration: It can arise owing to illness or an emotional condition, interfering with the relationship’s enjoyment. This illness is highly linked to emotional issues; yet, treatment can result in a 70 percent improvement in 18 months.
  • Sex life after illness: Prostate cancer is one disease that affects people’s sexual lives once they have been diagnosed with it. Although the guy is affected by the sickness, it might also impact his partner’s sexual life. Going to a sexologist can help you learn more about the topic and the treatments or strategies available to protect your sexual health and your mate after a major illness like cancer.
  • Reconsider your connection: Many people seek the advice of a sexologist to evaluate their relationship. Sexologists specialize in three areas: education and assistance in informing and resolving patient doubts; Counseling: Provides options for improving a couple’s closeness. The goal of therapy is to cure or reassign erotic alternatives that will assist the couple in enhancing their sexual life.

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