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Sexologist is adept to address your sexual issues

Sexology addresses and treats all issues related to sex education, sex therapy for the diagnosis and treatment of any sexual dysfunction in both men and women, as well as any situation related to orientation, identity, eroticism or any fear or difficulty in relationships.

When to visit a sexologist?

Visiting a sexologists in Bangalore is most recommended when you find yourselves in situations related to sexual health.

It requires a positive and respectful approach to sexuality and sexual relations, as well as the possibility of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences free from all coercion, discrimination and violence.

Thus, these situations do not have to be a dysfunction in itself, such as premature ejaculation or pain on penetration.

When dealing with problems like the ones mentioned above, you can easily see that you need sex therapy with a specialist in sexology. But, in what other situations can you visit a sexologist?

Reasons to visit a sexologist

In addition to sexual dysfunctions and problems that revolve around the concept of sexual health, there are other situations in which it is advisable to have the opinion of an expert in sexology.

A sexologist can provide you with information about different situations:

Couple relationships

In many circumstances, the dynamics that you have within a relationship may be favoring the creation of sexual problems.

Certain situations can harm sexuality, such as communication problems in the couple or sexual anxiety.

There may also be issues that cause you discomfort in which a sexologist can help you, such as the frequency of sex in the couple, emotional responsibility, or violence in the couple.

It is also possible that a sexologist helps with questions about how to open up the couple and how to manage the emotions that come from this situation.

Sex toy stores

Specific sex toy recommendations can help in several ways. It can help you in the form of sex education.

On the other hand, the use of erotic toys helps you to grow in your self-image and self-concept, in addition to knowing yourself better with respect to your eroticism by exploring situations and parts of your body in a new way.


Tupper-sex refers to a meeting of people with a sexologist, in which she teaches different erotic toys and educates on their use.

Specialists can perform Tupper-sex online. Its advantages are numerous! In addition to the convenience of doing it from home, you won’t have to travel, you won’t put yourself at risk in this time of the pandemic, and you’ll have information on sexual health just a click away.

Pelvic health and menstruation

The advice of a sexologist can go in the direction of education, as menstruation and pelvic health are still quite taboo in society. In Sensual Intim, you can find a menstruation Cup that can be emptied without removing it.

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