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Shock Wave Therapy Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction: Does it Work?

Erectile Dysfunction is a common sexual dysfunction that 3 out of 10 men suffer from. When a man is unable to penetrate a woman due to weak erections or inability to retain erection or have an erection at all, he is probably suffering from ED or Erectile Dysfunction.

Since erection & penetration are crucial to the love-making act, troubles pertaining to erection could deteriorate the quality of sex, quality of relationships and cause a lot of embarrassments for the man-in-the- act.

Men who have a history of diabetes, hypertension are likely to fall prey to ED. ED also depends on the age factor. Younger men are less susceptible to ED compared to older men. However, men who are suffering from ED should not be hopeless…revolutionary treatments like Shock Wave Therapy can prove to be an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Researchers have discovered that if the penile area of a man suffering from ED is exposed to acoustic waves, new blood vessels may develop in his penile area through a process known by the name of neovascularization and that may boost the flow of blood to that. When the penis is engorged by a good flow of blood, what one gets is rock hard erections for perfect vaginal penetration.

The best erectile dysfunction treatment in Bangalore is offered at Roy Health & Specialty Clinic. Patients who approach the clinic for shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction are treated by applying a specific gel smeared probe to the penis. Various parts of the penis are targeted through this treatment and treatment sessions span across 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Anesthesia is not needed for this treatment and patients don’t feel any pain during the procedure. However, a mild tingling sensation may be experienced by patients during the treatment.

ED Patients treated with Shockwave therapy in the clinical trial phase have had felt quite encouraging results better erections and better sustenance of erections until the end of the act. Thus, Shockwave Therapy for erectile dysfunction does work but more research is still needed to understand and prove the ability of the therapy to treat more severe ED Cases.

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