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Six factors Why It Is a correct Time to Visit a Sexologist

In recent decades, people have considered intimate experience a secretive matter. Fortunately, the truth behind canal desires continues to evolve in today’s society.

According to Jackson Mildred, most partners begin their misunderstanding due to inadequate sex drive.

He stated that sex links up psychosocial health and emotions and determines a relationship’s happiness.

Also, previous research has shown that sex is the strongest pillar in a relationship, which brings about trust and confidence.

Sadly, several people find it hard to satisfy their partners ending up in failed relationships. In such a situation, a sexologist will help one with several ways to address the issue and save the relationship.

A sexologist is an expert capable of helping partners identify the cause of their unhappy intimate life and develop interventions that will help get the issue rid. In such a situation, you may wonder under what circumstance one can require to book an appointment with a sexologist. Below are the signs that you must see an expert as quickly as possible.

  1. No sex drive

Poor sex drive is a serious issue affecting a couple’s intimate lifestyle. It happens for various reasons, including side effects of certain drugs, hormonal changes, fatigue, and stress. However, it is normal to experience poor or no sex drive. But, if the issue is consistency, consider paying a visit to a sexologist.

How do I identify that my sex drive is reasonably poor?

For men, one does experience a bed disorder that involves premature ejaculation, unable to penetrate through erection, and erectile dysfunction.

Premature ejaculation means that ejaculation occurs earlier than the required time. It becomes a severe issue if not addressed on time. Afterward, the case might become the root problem of erectile dysfunction. An expert will help identify the root cause and help you get the proper medications on time.

Women who experience vaginal dryness, vaginismus, and vaginal trauma will have difficulty satisfying their partners’ sexual desires.

Another severe disease with a similar outcome is dyspareunia. Stress affects most women’s sexual desires. Though, it’s good to take the proper precautions at the right time to avoid massive tension in your relationship.

  1. Pain during intercourse

Have you ever experienced a sharp pain during or even after intercourse? Well, pain during intercourse is another reason that you must seek a sexologist’s attention. Mainly it is caused by lesions, infections, dryness, or ulcers. Proper treatment is required. Do not suffer, whereas a solution for the problem exists.

However, women can prevent pain after intercourse by talking about everyone’s experience after sex. Most people will become more committed to the relationship than concentrate on their sexual affairs. Since intimacy is the pillar of a relationship, it plays a significant role in people’s success. It would help if you considered discussing matters affecting it occasionally.

  1. Guiltiness after having sex

Some people will feel guilty after intercourse if they have a history of a bad experience in the past, such as rape. Mostly, if one gets abused during childhood, accepting that intercourse should be part of their life becomes challenging. Since the problem is related to psychology, a sexologist will help you improve your sex life to eliminate the guilt.

In the past, people considered changing their sexual partners in such a situation despite the unconditional love between them. Fortunately, a sexologist will help strengthen their love by supporting the challenged person.

  1. The size of the penis

Most women criticize men for their small-sized penis. By so doing, the affected men will lose confidence. In such a situation, a professional will help the patient get proper medication related to his hormones. Hence, recovering the trust lost.

Several people have been satisfied. According to the research, many men face poor confidence while intimate with their partners and fear disclosing the issue. But, after the treatment, they also get ashamed of sharing their testimonies though they recover every day and have a healthy sex life.

  1. Constant sexual thoughts

Have you ever found yourself thinking about sex all day long? If yes, there is a need to see a sexologist. Frequent thoughts about sex are harmful not only to one’s partner but also your own professional life.

All day long sexual thoughts will also sharpen your desires for sex. In such an occurrence, you will find that you do not match your partner’s sex urge. Hence, your relationship will be at stake.

  1. Preventing an unwanted pregnancy

The world economy is becoming more unfriendly in raising children due to the high cost of living. Hence, having an unwanted pregnancy becomes the most hectic issue for some people, making their sexual lives very difficult.

However, a sexologist will help you as a couple overcome the fear and create confidence to have smooth and comfortable sex times.

Is it guaranteed that I will get help after visiting a sexologist?

Sexologists have got a solution at hand regarding all your sexual matters. After identifying the root cause of your suffering, there are different kinds of medications you are likely to get. However, in some cases, you only require exercise therapy to overcome.

For instance, if a woman has issues with vaginismus, counseling is essential, accompanied by a few exercise therapy sections. Vaginismus is the contraction of the vagina in case anything gets to penetrate through.

In addition, healthcare policymakers have approved medications such as Viagra, and doctors can prescribe them to people with erectile dysfunctions and premature ejaculation. However, using such drugs without a prescription from a qualified doctor or a sexologist is prohibited.

You should seek medical attention by visiting a qualified doctor on issues about being diagnosed with STDs. It’s good to note that sexologists are not doctors.

In conclusion, sexologists are vital in creating a better society with healthy relations. Intimacy lifestyle plays a crucial role in our daily social life.

It boosts confidence towards approaching every single matter unconsciously. Don’t suffer in silence anymore; book an appointment with a sexologist soon to avoid severe complications in the future now!

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